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SIGART to SIGAI, appointed officers

Dear SIGART members,

The new year brings with it a new look and a new affiliation for us all. We are delighted to announce that, based on your enthusiastic comments, SIGART has now officially changed its acronym to SIGAI. Please check out our new logo, features, and webpage at We are also on Twitter as @acm_sigai.

And we have another significant change: we have borrowed a page from many ACM SIGs, and begun to welcome appointed officers in SIGAI. These are volunteer opportunities that give members a chance to be active participants of the community. These positions entail important responsibilities to our community, and we want enthusiastic, competent people to work with us. In particular, students are strongly encouraged to volunteer for them. At this time, we announce the following volunteer opportunities for SIGAI officers:

  • Newsletter Editor, who will coordinate the production of a one-page monthly newsletter for SIGAI
  • News Officer, who will coordinate with ACM to use their infrastructure to produce a news feed to our members for AI topics
  • Early Career Outreach Officer, who will be responsible for a repository of PhD thesis abstracts, job announcements, student travel fellowships, and any other items of interest to new researchers and students. This officer will also act as SIGAI's liaison to the annual AAAI/SIGAI Doctoral Consortium
  • Awards Officer, who will organize nominations for ACM awards and help institute new SIGAI awards
  • Conference Coordination Officer, who will lead a conference committee with liaisons to SIGAI conferences, as well as set up ACM infrastructure to help conference organizers find qualified program committee members for AI-relevant meetings
  • Publications Officer, who will be our liaison to the ACM Digital Libraries and advise SIGAI regarding open access publication
  • Membership and Outreach Officer, who will do direct outreach to members and seek to raise SIGAI's visibility at conferences and other events through sponsorship, fliers, and other activities
  • Organization Liaison, who will be our liaison to AI-relevant organizations such as AAAI, IJCAI, CogSci and others.
  • SIG Liaison Officers, who are already involved with other ACM SIGs and want to coordinate their activities with SIGAI as well

If you are interested in any of these positions, please email us with a CV and a cover letter explaining your reasons and qualifications to undertake a particular position (both in a single PDF file). Your elected officers promise to make careful and thoughtful selections, so that more members contribute to the activities of our SIG.

We also welcome suggestions for additional activities that you believe SIGAI should undertake to support the AI community.

Please circulate this with your colleagues, as we seek to broaden our members and their participation.

All the best, and welcome to SIGAI!

Yolanda Gil, SIGAI Chair,
Sanmay Das, SIGAI Vice Chair,
Susan L. Epstein, SIGAI Secretary/Treasurer,