WI '17- Proceedings of the International Conference on Web Intelligence

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SESSION: Keynote

Knowledge will propel machine understanding of content: extrapolating from current examples

SESSION: Intelligent human-web interaction

Constructing and visualizing topic forests for text streams

Large-scale readability analysis of privacy policies

Studying toxic behavior influence and player chat in an online video game

Concept-aware geographic information retrieval

An IoT approach for context-aware smart traffic management using ontology

Overwritable automated japanese short-answer scoring and support system

SESSION: Semantic aspects of web intelligence

An evaluation of models for runtime approximation in link discovery

Handling conflicts in uncertain ontologies using deductive argumentation

Keeping linked open data caches up-to-date by predicting the life-time of RDF triples

Large-scale taxonomy induction using entity and word embeddings

Linked data processing provenance: towards transparent and reusable linked data integration

Preference-driven similarity join

CEDAL: time-efficient detection of erroneous links in large-scale link repositories

Consensus-based ranking of wikipedia topics

GENESIS: a generic RDF data access interface

An interoperable service for the provenance of machine learning experiments

LOG4MEX: a library to export machine learning experiments

Ontological structuring of logistics services

Matcher composition for identification of subsumption relations in ontology matching

SESSION: Social networks and ubiquitous intelligence

Assessing the suitability of network community detection to available meta-data using rank stability

Collaboration strength metrics and analyses on GitHub

Does #like4like indeed provoke more likes?

Evaluation of retweet clustering method classification method using retweets on Twitter without text data

Fake Twitter followers detection by denoising autoencoder

LCHI: multiple, overlapping local communities

Measures for topical cohesion of user communities on Twitter

The path to success: a study of user behaviour and success criteria in online communities

Perception of bias: the impact of user characteristics, website design and technical features

Predicting citations from mainstream news, weblogs and discussion forums

Sequential multi-class labeling in crowdsourcing: a ulam-renyi game approach

Sweet-spotting security and usability for intelligent graphical authentication mechanisms

UIS-LDA: a user recommendation based on social connections and interests of users in uni-directional social networks

White, man, and highly followed: gender and race inequalities in Twitter

Analysing the behaviour of online investors in times of geopolitical distress: a case study on war stocks

Brand key asset discovery via cluster-wise biased discriminant projection

Multi-relational influence models for online professional networks

Real-time tweet selection for TV news programs

Tie strength dynamics over temporal co-authorship social networks

Waves: a model of collective learning

Zero-shot human activity recognition via nonlinear compatibility based method

SESSION: Web agents

AQUAMan: QoE-driven cost-aware mechanism for SaaS acceptability rate adaptation

A new urban segregation-growth coupled model using a belief-desire-intention possibilistic framework

Solving DCSP problems in highly degraded communication environments

The challenge of real-time multi-agent systems for enabling IoT and CPS

A collaborative approach to web information foraging based on multi-agent systems

Detection of normative conflict that depends on execution order of runtime events in multi-agent systems

How bounded rationality of individuals in social interactions impacts evolutionary dynamics of cooperation

SESSION: Web intelligence applications

A depressive mood status quantitative reasoning method based on portable EEG and self-rating scale

Intelligent decision support for data purchase

Learning to detect and measure fake ecommerce websites in search-engine results

Conjoint utilization of structured and unstructured information for planning interleaving deliberation in supply chains

Haste makes waste: a case to favour voting bots

Inferring win-lose product network from user behavior

Investigation on dynamics of group decision making with collaborative web search

Automated classification of EEG signals for predicting students' cognitive state during learning

Efficient mining of discriminative itemsets

Efficient parallel translating embedding for knowledge graphs

A hybrid evolutionary algorithm for community detection

An online statistical quality control framework for performance management in crowdsourcing

Robust spread of cooperation by expectation-of-cooperation strategy with simple labeling method

Understanding human perceptual experience in unstructured data on the web

A flexible framework to cross-analyze heterogeneous multi-source geo-referenced information: the J-CO-QL proposal and its implementation

A logic for reasoning about evidence and belief

Optimization of financial network stability by genetic algorithm

SESSION: Web mining and warehousing

Adaptive training instance selection for cross-domain emotion identification

Coupling topic modelling in opinion mining for social media analysis

CrimeProfiler: crime information extraction and visualization from news media

Detecting, quantifying and accessing impact of news events on Indian stock indices

Extracting attribute-value pairs from product specifications on the web

Fusing domain-specific data with general data for in-domain applications

Identifying active, reactive, and inactive targets of socialbots in Twitter

Improving the classification of events in tweets using semantic enrichment

Inferring your expertise from Twitter: combining multiple types of user activity

Information evolution modeling and tracking in social media

Mining alternative actions from community Q&A corpus for task-oriented web search

Mining Twitter features for event summarization and rating

A narrow-domain entity recognition method based on domain relevance measurement and context information

Navigation objects extraction for better content structure understanding

Paid review and paid writer detection

A semantics-based measure of emoji similarity

Topical term weighting based on extended random sets for relevance feature selection

Bitwise parallel association rule mining for web page recommendation

Characterizing internet radio stations at scale

Efficient processing of SPARQL queries over GraphFrames

Entity oriented action recommendations for actionable knowledge graph generation

Machine learning is better than human to satisfy decision by majority

Modeling random projection for tensor objects

Portuguese personal story analysis and detection in blogs

Semantically readable distributed representation learning for social media mining

Sentiment diversification for short review summarization

Twitter for marijuana infodemiology

Understanding compromised accounts on Twitter

SESSION: Web search and recommendation

Addressing the cold user problem for model-based recommender systems

Context suggestion: empirical evaluations vs user studies

Enhancing long tail item recommendations using tripartite graphs and Markov process

Entity search by leveraging attributive terms in sentential queries over RDF data

A graph based approach to scientific paper recommendation

Guess you like: course recommendation in MOOCs

Modeling uncertainty driven curiosity for social recommendation

New technique to deal with verbose queries in social book search

Using re-ranking to boost deep learning based community question retrieval

Affective prediction by collaborative chains in movie recommendation

Context-aware relevance feedback over SNS graph data

Current location-based next POI recommendation

A novel learning-to-rank based hybrid method for book recommendation

Recommender systems: the case of repeated interaction in matrix factorization

SESSION: Web services

A deep learning approach for web service interactions

Crowdsourcing worker development based on probabilistic task network

SESSION: WI special session

An ensemble method for the credibility assessment of user-generated content

Mining ordinal data under human response uncertainty

MRR: an unsupervised algorithm to rank reviews by relevance

Presenting a labelled dataset for real-time detection of abusive user posts

Comparative assessment of rating prediction techniques under response uncertainty

Turned 70?: it is time to start editing Wikipedia

SESSION: World wisdom web

Enhancing crowd wisdom using measures of diversity computed from social media data


Emotion and attention: predicting electrodermal activity through video visual descriptors

Emotional affordances in human-machine interactive planning and negotiation

Emotional book classification from book blurbs

Enhanced face/audio emotion recognition: video and instance level classification using ConvNets and restricted Boltzmann Machines

A path-based model for emotion abstraction on facebook using sentiment analysis and taxonomy knowledge

SEMO: a semantic model for emotion recognition in web objects


Augmented SVM with ordinal partitioning for text classification

Deep deformable Q-Network: an extension of deep Q-Network

A new approach for CNYX prediction based on SSA and random forest

A proactive event-driven approach for dynamic QoS compliance in cloud of things

Seasonality in dynamic stochastic block models

Stochastic gradient descent for large-scale linear nonparallel SVM

A study on error correction of multiple criteria and multiple constraint levels linear programming based classification


Improving content based recommender systems using linked data cloud and FOAF vocabulary


Capturing customer context from social media: mapping social media API and CRM profile data

Improving relationship management in universities with sentiment analysis and topic modeling of social media channels: learnings from UFPA

A methodology for community detection in Twitter

Social analytics framework for intelligent information systems based on a complex adaptive systems approach

SESSION: Industry

Improving click-through rate prediction accuracy in online advertising by transfer learning

A language modelling approach for discovering novel labour market occupations from the web

A sentiment-change-driven event discovery system


The Adressa dataset for news recommendation

Evaluating the performance and privacy of a token-based collaborative recommender

Exploring privacy concerns in news recommender systems

Incorporating context and trends in news recommender systems

Learning to rank for personalized news recommendation


The case for including senior citizens in the playable city

Emotions make cities live: towards mapping emotions of older adults on urban space

Information radiators: using large screens and small devices to support awareness in urban space

LivingLab PJAIT: towards better urban participation of seniors


A cross - layer optimization of video transmission based on packet loss rate in 802.11e wireless networks

Data mining in IoT: data analysis for a new paradigm on the internet

Data modeling of smart urban object networks

Employment relations: a data driven analysis of job markets using online job boards and online professional networks

Factors impacting employee engagement on enterprise social media

Partial sums-based P-Rank computation in information networks

Primarily investigating into the relationship between talent management and knowledge management in business environment


Arabic ontology learning using deep learning

Construction of the diagnosis and treatment process of dermatosis based on data-driven approach

Multi-goal pathfinding in ubiquitous environments: modeling and exploiting knowledge to satisfy goals

Ontology of human relation extraction based on dependency syntax rules

Quantitative style analysis of Mo Yan and Zhang Wei's novels

Research and development of domain dictionary construction system

Research on design and implementation of data exchange system

Semantic-based lightweight ontology learning framework: a case study of intrusion detection ontology

A study of anaphora resolution in the novel Life


Development of applications for teaching assistant robots with teachers in PRINTEPS

A mapping-enhanced linked data inspection and querying support system using dynamic ontology matching

MstdnDeck: an agent-based protection of cyber-bullying on distributedly managed linked microbloggings

PRINTEPS for development integrated intelligent applications and application to robot teahouse

A sentiment polarity classifier for regional event reputation analysis


A fuzzy game based framework to address ambiguities in performance based contracting

Intelligent client-side personalisation

MusicOWL: the music score ontology

Towards automatic learning content sequence via linked open data


Emotions and fashion recommendations: evaluating the predictive power of affective information for the prediction of fashion product preferences in cold-start scenarios

Exploiting user and item embedding in latent factor models for recommendations

How does the size of a document affect linked open data user modeling strategies?

A knowledge-driven approach for personalized literature recommendation based on deep semantic discrimination

Towards a deep learning model for hybrid recommendation