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Conference Sponsorship

Building a website for a SIGAI sposored or in-cooperation conference? Please use our new logo.

Are you considering organizing a conference? Or starting a new conference series? Think about requesting either sponsorship or in-cooperation status from SIGAI! Your conference advertisement will reach more than a thousand members of the SIGAI organization and thousands more at ACM. The ACM organizer conference manual provides detailed information. Here is a brief description of the sponsorship and in-cooperation or sponsorship possibilities.

Requesting Conference Sponsorship with ACM/SIGAI

A sponsored or co-sponsored conference is a conference for which SIGAI assumes financial and technical responsibility. Proceedings will be copyrighted by ACM and be in the Digital Library, unless specific agreements are in place with other co-sponsors.

To request sponsorship from SIGAI, contact the SIGAI Chair providing the following information:

  1. Name, time and place of the conference.
  2. Description of the conference.
  3. Intended audience and size.
  4. Organization of the conference.
  5. Preliminary budget including any financial resources, including other sponsorships and grants.

SIGAI sponsorship provides many benefits:

  1. ACM will assist the conference organizers with overall conference arrangements and budget planning
  2. ACM will assist the conference organizers with hotel selection and contract negotiations
  3. ACM will support financial transactions for the conference with an option to coordinate registrations on-line with the conference accounts
  4. The proceedings will be published in the ACM Digital Library
  5. The announcement of the conference will be posted on the SIGAI web site
  6. The ACM SIGAI logo and name can be used on any publicity about the conference
  7. The conference will be listed in the ACM calendar

Holding a Conference In-Cooperation with ACM/SIGAI

An in-cooperation conference is a conference sponsored by another organization that wishes to have a formal connection with ACM/SIGAI and its members. This arrangement implies no financial involvement from SIGAI, and it is straightforward to obtain, provided that

  1. The technical meeting meets Association standards of technical excellence and has reasonable relevance to the activities of ACM.
  2. Benefits will accrue to the technical meeting because of the cooperation of ACM
  3. Benefits will accrue to ACM because of its cooperation.
  4. Association members are encouraged to participate on the organizing com
  5. The organizing committee agrees that within 3 months a short post-meeting report summarizing the results is to be forwarded to the Conference Committee of ACM.
  6. The organizing committee agrees to state that this meeting is “in-cooperation with ACM” in all references to the conference including conference promotions, proceedings, press releases, etc.
  7. ACM members are entitled to the same registration fee as available to member of sponsoring organizations.
  8. ACM members may purchase proceedings at the same rate as sponsoring organizations.
  9. A table is provided in the registration area for a display of ACM membership and publication literature if needed.
  10. Proof of liability insurance is provided by all sponsoring organizations.

In-cooperation provides important benefits:

  1. The announcement of the conference will be posted on the SIGAI web site.
  2. The ACM SIGAI logo and name can be used on any publicity about the conference.
  3. The conference will be listed in the ACM calendar.

For information on how to obtain the in-cooperation status read the SIG Conference Manual - In-Cooperation Conference Guidelines and submit to ACM the In Cooperation Technical Meeting Request Forms (InCoop TMRF) using the on-line application. Note that official approval may take up to six weeks after receipt of all application documents.