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VOLUME 3, ISSUE 2, Spring 2017 (full issue)

Welcome to AI Matters, Vol. 3(2)
Welcome to our latest issue.
By Eric Eaton & Amy McGovern

Event Report
AI Events
Summary of upcoming AI Events for 2017.
By Michael Rovatsos

AI Profiles: An Interview with Peter Stone
Interview with Peter Stone.
By Amy McGovern & Eric Eaton

AI News
AI Policy
AI Policy Statement.
By Larry Medsker

AI Education
AI Education: Machine Learning Resources
Resources for teaching and learning about ML.
By Todd W. Neller

AI Amusements: My Favorite Marvin
AI Crossword Puzzle.
By Tom Williams

AI News
AI Practioners: On the Northeast Ohio ACM
Summary of recent events at the Northeast Ohio ACM Chapter.
By Cameron Hughes

Ph.D. Dissertation Briefing
Situated Natural Language Interaction in Uncertain and Open Worlds
Dissertation abstract.
By Tom Williams

Ph.D. Dissertation Briefing
Populating a Linked Data Entity Name System
Dissertation abstract.
By Mayank Kejriwal

Ph.D. Dissertation Briefing
Incremental and Developmental Perspectives for General-Purpose Learning Systems
Dissertation abstract.
By Fernando Mart́ınez-Plumed

Ph.D. Dissertation Briefing
A Persuasive Virtual Chat Agent Based on Sociolinguistic Theories of Influence
Dissertation abstract.
By Samira Shaikhd