VOLUME 3, ISSUE 3, SUMMER 2017 (full issue)

Welcome to AI Matters, Vol. 3(3)
Welcome to our latest issue.
By Eric Eaton & Amy McGovern

Event Report
AI Events
Listing of upcoming SIGAI-related events.
By Michael Rovatsos

AI News
ACM SIGAI Activity Report
Annual activity of ACM SIGAI.
By Sven Koenig, Sanmay Das, Rosemary Paradis, Eric Eaton, Yolanda Gil,
Katherine Guo, Bojun Huang, Albert Jiang, Benjamin Kuipers, Nicholas Mattei,
Amy McGovern, Larry Medsker, Todd Neller, Plamen Petrov, Michael Rovatsos & David Stork

AI Profiles: An Interview with Maja Matarić
Interview with Maja Matarić.
By Amy McGovern & Eric Eaton

Hot Topics
AI Buzzwords Explained: Multi-Agent Path Finding
Explanation of the hot topic "multi-agent path finding".
By Hang Ma & Sven Koenig

AI Education
AI Education: Deep Neural Network Learning Resources
Resources for teaching and learning about deep learning.
By Todd W. Neller

Event Report
Celebrating the Past, Present, and Future of Computing
Summary of the 50 Years of the ACM Turing Award Celebration.
By Timothy E. Lee & Justin Svegliato

AI News
ACM SIGAI CHINA: A New Incubator for AI in China
Introduction to the new China chapter of ACM SIGAI.
By Le Dong, Man Yuan, Ming-Liang Xu & Ji Wan

On the Importance of Monitoring and Directing Progress in AI
ACM SIGAI Student Essay Contest Winner.
By Lukas Prediger

Truth in the ‘Killer Robots’ Angle?
ACM SIGAI Student Essay Contest Winner.
By Matthew Rahtz

How Do We Ensure That We Remain In Control of Our Autonomous Weapons?
ACM SIGAI Student Essay Contest Winner.
By Ilse Verdiesen

The Ethics of Automated Behavioral Microtargeting
ACM SIGAI Student Essay Contest Winner.
By Dennis G. Wilson