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VOLUME 3, ISSUE 4, WINTER 2018 (full issue)

Welcome to AI Matters, Vol. 3(4)
Welcome to our latest issue.
By Eric Eaton & Amy McGovern

Event Report
AI Events
Listing of upcoming AI-related events.
By Michael Rovatsos

An Interview with Ayanna Howard
The spotlight is on Ayanna Howard from Georgia Tech.
By Amy McGovern & Eric Eaton

Hot Topics
AI Buzzwords Explained: Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems
I know DCOP. Do you know DCOP?
By Ferdinando Fioretto & William Yeoh

AI Impact
Intelligent Workflows for Visual Stylometry
A showcase of the impact of AI on another field.
By Catherine A. Buell, Yolanda Gil, William
P. Seeley & Ricky J. Sethi

AI Education
AI Education: Adaptive Planning
Come one, come all, and learn about adaptive planning!
By Joshua Eckroth

Blue Sky Ideas in Artificial Intelligence Education from the EAAI 2017 New and Future AI Educator Program
Blue skies, smiling at me...
By Eric Eaton, Sven Koenig, Claudia Schulz, Francesco Maurelli, John Lee, Joshua Eckroth, Mark Crowley, Richard G. Freedman, Rogelio E. Cardona-Rivera, Tiago Machado & Tom Williams

AI News
AI Policy
Updates from the SIGAI public policy officer.
By Larry Medsker

Unemployment in the AI Age
ACM SIGAI Student Essay Contest Winner.
By Grace Su

You, Me, or Us: Balancing Individuals’ and Societies’ Moral Needs and Desires in Autonomous Systems
ACM SIGAI Student Essay Contest Winner.
By Joseph A. Blass

Sexbots:The Ethical Ramifications of Social Robotics’ Dark Side
ACM SIGAI Student Essay Contest Winner.
By Christian Wagner

Automation Moderation: Finding Symbiosis with Anti-Human Technology
ACM SIGAI Student Essay Contest Winner.
By Jack Bandy

AI News
AI Conference Reports
Event reports on recent AI conferences.
By Michael Rovatsos