ACM SIGAI Industry Award

The call for nominations for the 2020 award will be posted as soon as it is released.

Winner of 2019 ACM SIGAI Isndustry Award

The selection committee for the ACM SIGAI Industry Award for Excellence in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is pleased to announce that the Decision Service created by the Real World Reinforcement Learning Team from Microsoft, has been chosen as the winner of the inaugural 2019 award. The committee was impressed with the identification and development of cutting-edge research on contextual-bandit learning, the manifest cooperation between research and development efforts, the applicability of the decision support throughout the broad range of Microsoft products, and the quality of the final systems. All these aspects made the Microsoft team well worthy of this award.

The award will be presented at IJCAI 2019

More information: Product, Algorithm, Workshop, Paper

Learn more about the Real World Reinforcement Learning team

Team Leads: John Langford and Rafah Hosn

Team Members: Alekh Agarwal, Jacob Alber, Sarah Bird, Rajan Chari, Roger Chen, Tyler Clintworth, Markus Cozowicz, Miro Dudik, Jack Gerrits, Luong Hoang, Edward Jezierski, Akshay Krishnamurthy, Rodrigo Kumpera, Sheetal Lahabar, Stephen Lee, Jiaji Li, Sharath Malladi, Dan Melamed, Dwaipayan Mukherjee, Gal Oshri, Oswaldo Ribas, Marco Rossi, Siddhartha Sen, Mandy Shieh, Alex Slivkins, Pavithra Srinath, Yann Stadnicki, Adith Swaminathan, Cheng Tan, Alexey Taymanov, Chenxi Zhao

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