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Attending to IUI2016 conference at Sonoma is my unforgettable experience. As a recipient of student travel grant, I had an opportunity to participate to IUI conference as student volunteer, to be a speaker of my paper ‘Desitra: A Simulator for Teaching Situated Decision Making’, to be a presenter of poster, and to provide demonstration and madness. I have gained a lot of experience. As a student volunteer (SVs), I had a chance to work with other SVs in different types of tasks e.g. registration, quick response, technical support. Even though the conference period is short, we have a chance to discuss in both research and also SVs tasks. We make friends, we keep contact, and we hope to see each other again in this conference in the future, in the other conferences, or even the private visit. As I am the speaker of my research, presenting my work to the very honor and prestigious professionals in this field is a great opportunity to receive questions and feedbacks. The chance of presenting poster, demo, and madness allows me to directly interact with the audiences. The feedbacks and questions I received from being presenter and speaker are very important for my research direction and continuation. And many presented works inspires my research thought. I really have a great time at the conference. I would like thank you SIGAI for giving me student grant to have this very special and valuable opportunity, and this is very useful for me to go back with research idea, and further research collaborations.

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