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This was my first Doctoral Consortium at AAAI. My presentation on ‘Pragmatics Aware Query Reformulation in Heterogeneous Knowledge Graphs’. My mentors were Prof.Yolanda Gil and Prof.Hector Munoz-Avila. I consider both the Doctoral Consortium and the poster session as one of the most well organized sessions. In addition to the event, the opportunity to interact with other students and researchers was a great experience. The organizers of the consortium Prof. David L Roberts and David Aha need a special mention as well. Their handling of the event was perfect right to the minute details. The timings of the presentation, the feedback from the mentors and the students and the dinners added to the overall experience. As takeaways I realized how a research presentation should be structured to a general research audience. My mentors were in touch with me throughout the conference. I was able to meet them after the event as well and thanks to their feedback, I was able to prepare my presentations much better. I would recommend attending the Doctoral Consortium for every student researcher and I also thank SIGAI and AAAI for granting me a travel award.

Other experiences from students funded by SIGAI travel grants.