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I am at the end of my fourth year and attending AAMAS 2015 is a very valuable experience for me. It is a time to meet with my friends in the community, present my work, get to know other researchers and their recent work. It is a time for active and productive discussion, leading to new thoughts on different research topics and potential future collaborations.

I gave two oral presentations, one at IDEAS workshop on the first day and the other at OptMAS workshop on the second day, during which I got a lot of helpful feedback. I also presented my work with a poster at the main conference, which allows me to have several extensive discussions with other researchers. I especially would like to thank Professor Noa Agmon for a very kind discussion with me about both future directions of my work and career/life balance for female researchers. I attended different sessions during the conference, and most of the presentations were well-prepared and provided good insights to the audience. I also enjoyed the panel session about “Theory and Practice at AAMAS”, which is an interactive discussion between all the panelists and the audience, with valuable points on how we should pick the problem and how to encourage work on applications.

I would like to conclude with thanking SIGAI for their support.

Other experiences from students funded by SIGAI travel grants.