AI Policy Matters

As SIGAI Public Policy Officer I have developed links with other policy groups, particularly the ACM US Technology Policy Committee (USTPC). AI has an expanding share of the technology policy area, and as the new Chair of USTPC I plan to report current resources and issues regularly through the AI Matters blog.

ACM and its US Technology Policy Committee are non-profit, non-lobbying, and entirely apolitical. The mission is simply to help policymakers and their staff, the science community, and the public understand all forms of computing technology so they can make technically informed decisions and recommendations. A short list of recent USTPC policy products on artificial intelligence include our latest on Generative AI and Cybersecurity. More information on key issues is here. Sample policy products are

Another ACM policy resource is the TechBrief series of short technical bulletins that present scientifically-grounded perspectives on the impact of specific developments or applications of technology. Designed to complement ACM’s activities in the policy arena, the primary goal is to inform rather than advocate for specific policies. AI topics in recent and upcoming TechBriefs include AI and trust, AI media disinformation, smart cities, safer AI systems, and generative AI.

Future AI Matters blog posts will focus on specific AI public policy projects and resources, and we look forward to blog discussions on these important topics. USTPC always seeks participation from the experts at SIGAI to help identify emerging issues, write policy statements, and present at hearings.

I welcome your ideas in messages to and participation in the blog discussions.