ACM Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence

We promote and support the growth and application of AI principles and techniques throughout computing

We are academic and industrial researchers, practitioners, software developers, end users, and students.

SIGAI is one of the oldest special interest groups in the ACM. SIGAI, then SIGART, started in 1966, publishing the SIGART Newletter that later became the SIGART Bulletin and Intelligence Magazine. Today, SIGAI is an active group with more than one thousand members from academia and industry throughout the world.

AI is increasingly an interdisciplinary area, and your membership supports these goals.
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The mission of the ACM Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence (ACM SIGAI) is to promote and support the growth and application of artificial intelligence (AI) principles and techniques throughout computing. ACM SIGAI is made up of and serves three primary communities: academic educators and researchers, professional practitioners, and students. We serve as technical experts both to the internal community of the ACM as well as to external entities interested in AI. We advance our mission through concrete activities, including:

    1. Sponsoring or co-sponsoring high-quality AI-related conferences;
    2. Recognizing achievements of academic, professional and student members through major annual awards;
    3. Publishing a quarterly newsletter (AI Matters) in the ACM Digital Library as well as maintaining a blog on AI matters of interest to the community;
    4. Providing scholarships to student members to attend conferences;
    5. Funding, developing, and promoting AI education, publications and public outreach activities both within the AI community and beyond.

Are you a student?

Are you a conference organizer?

By joining ACM:SIGAI both students and professional members receive the same benifits:


    • access in the ACM Digital Library to the Proceedings of all the SIGAI sponsored conferences and many in-cooperation conferences;
    • discounts on registration at SIGAI sponsored conferences;
    • networking and leadership opportunities through SIGAI activities, student and professional chapter meetings, and the ACM student website;
    • opportunities for support to attend conferences sponsored by SIGAI to present a paper. Contact the conference chair for details;
    • mentoring for PhD students by senior researchers at some conferences sponsored by SIGAI and at the AAAI/SIGAI Doctoral Consortium

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