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Welcome and Summary
Welcome to AI Matters 9(2)
By Ziyu Yao, co-editor & Anuj Karpatne, co-editor

AI News
Conference Reports
By Louise A. Dennis

Paper Précis
Emergence of Maps in the Memories of Blind Navigation Agents
By Erik Wijmans, Manolis Savva, Irfan Essa, Stefan Lee, Ari S. Morcos & Dhruv Batra

Paper Précis
Causal Effect Estimation under Interference on Hypergraphs
By Jing Ma, Mengting Wan, Longqi Yang, Jundong Li, Brent Hecht & Jaime Teevan

Paper Précis
Ego-Body Pose Estimation via Ego-Head Pose Estimation
By Jiaman Li, C. Karen Liu & Jiajun Wu

AI Education
EAAI-23 Blue Sky Ideas in Artificial Intelligence Education from the AAAI/ACM SIGAI New and Future AI Educator Program
By Michael Guerzhoy, Marion Neumann, Pat Virtue, Carolyn Jane Anderson, Yaman K Singla, Alexi Orchard & Rajiv Ratn Shah