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IUI '15- Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

SESSION: Keynotes

Intelligent Control of Crowdsourcing
  • Daniel S. Weld
Blurring of the Boundary Between Interactive Search and Recommendation
  • Ed H. Chi
Recognizing Stress, Engagement, and Positive Emotion
  • Rosalind W. Picard

SESSION: Education / Crowdsourcing / Social

Improving Inquiry-Driven Modeling in Science Education through Interaction with Intelligent Tutoring Agents
  • David A. Joyner
  • Ashok K. Goel
Automated Social Skills Trainer
  • Hiroki Tanaka
  • Sakriani Sakti
  • Graham Neubig
  • Tomoki Toda
  • Hideki Negoro
  • Hidemi Iwasaka
  • Satoshi Nakamura
Evaluating Subjective Accuracy in Time Series Pattern-Matching Using Human-Annotated Rankings
  • Philipp Eichmann
  • Emanuel Zgraggen
Cohort Comparison of Event Sequences with Balanced Integration of Visual Analytics and Statistics
  • Sana Malik
  • Fan Du
  • Megan Monroe
  • Eberechukwu Onukwugha
  • Catherine Plaisant
  • Ben Shneiderman
Real-Time Community Question Answering: Exploring Content Recommendation and User Notification Strategies
  • Qiaoling Liu
  • Tomasz Jurczyk
  • Jinho Choi
  • Eugene Agichtein
Seeing the Big Picture from Microblogs: Harnessing Social Signals for Visual Event Summarization
  • Jiejun Xu
  • Tsai-Ching Lu

SESSION: Multimodal / Touch / Gesture

BeyondTouch: Extending the Input Language with Built-in Sensors on Commodity Smartphones
  • Cheng Zhang
  • Anhong Guo
  • Dingtian Zhang
  • Caleb Southern
  • Rosa Arriaga
  • Gregory Abowd
Hairware: The Conscious Use of Unconscious Auto-contact Behaviors
  • Katia Vega
  • Marcio Cunha
  • Hugo Fuks
Math Boxes: A Pen-Based User Interface for Writing Difficult Mathematical Expressions
  • Eugene M. Taranta
  • Joseph J. LaViola, Jr.
Predicting Task Execution Time on Natural User Interfaces based on Touchless Hand Gestures
  • Orlando Erazo
  • José A. Pino
TouchML: A Machine Learning Toolkit for Modelling Spatial Touch Targeting Behaviour
  • Daniel Buschek
  • Florian Alt
From One to Many Users and Contexts: A Classifier for Hand and Arm Gestures
  • David Costa
  • Carlos Duarte
Spatio-Temporal Detection of Divided Attention in Reading Applications Using EEG and Eye Tracking
  • Mathieu Rodrigue
  • Jungah Son
  • Barry Giesbrecht
  • Matthew Turk
  • Tobias Höllerer

SESSION: Interactive Machine Learning / Decision Making / Topic Modeling / Robotics

Principles of Explanatory Debugging to Personalize Interactive Machine Learning
  • Todd Kulesza
  • Margaret Burnett
  • Weng-Keen Wong
  • Simone Stumpf
Binary Space Partitioning Layouts To Help Build Better Information Dashboards
  • Patrick Hertzog
Counteracting Serial Position Effects in the CHOICLA Group Decision Support Environment
  • Martin Stettinger
  • Alexander Felfernig
  • Gerhard Leitner
  • Stefan Reiterer
  • Michael Jeran
User-directed Non-Disruptive Topic Model Update for Effective Exploration of Dynamic Content
  • Yi Yang
  • Shimei Pan
  • Yangqiu Song
  • Jie Lu
  • Mercan Topkara
ConVisIT: Interactive Topic Modeling for Exploring Asynchronous Online Conversations
  • Enamul Hoque
  • Giuseppe Carenini
Applying the CASSM Framework to Improving End User Debugging of Interactive Machine Learning
  • Marco Gillies
  • Andrea Kleinsmith
  • Harry Brenton
Path Bending: Interactive Human-Robot Interfaces With Collision-Free Correction of User-Drawn Paths
  • Jared Alan Frank
  • Vikram Kapila

SESSION: Recommenders / Web

Unsupervised Modeling of Users' Interests from their Facebook Profiles and Activities
  • Preeti Bhargava
  • Oliver Brdiczka
  • Michael Roberts
Personalized Search: Reconsidering the Value of Open User Models
  • Jae-wook Ahn
  • Peter Brusilovsky
  • Shuguang Han
Learning Higher-Order Interactions for User and Item Profiling Based on Tensor Factorization
  • Xiaoyu Tang
  • Yue Xu
  • Shlomo Geva
Exploring Personalized Command Recommendations based on Information Found in Web Documentation
  • Md Adnan Alam Khan
  • Volodymyr Dziubak
  • Andrea Bunt
Minimal Interaction Search in Recommender Systems
  • Branislav Kveton
  • Shlomo Berkovsky
Improving Controllability and Predictability of Interactive Recommendation Interfaces for Exploratory Search
  • Antti Kangasrääsiö
  • Dorota Glowacka
  • Samuel Kaski

SESSION: Personalization / Adaptation / Recommendation / Sentiment

Adaptive Recommendation-based Modeling Support for Data Analysis Workflows
  • Dietmar Jannach
  • Michael Jugovac
  • Lukas Lerche
Intelligent Computing in Personal Informatics: Key Design Considerations
  • Fredrik Ohlin
  • Carl Magnus Olsson
Aurigo: an Interactive Tour Planner for Personalized Itineraries
  • Alexandre Yahi
  • Antoine Chassang
  • Louis Raynaud
  • Hugo Duthil
  • Duen Horng (Polo) Chau
Rhema: A Real-Time In-Situ Intelligent Interface to Help People with Public Speaking
  • M. Iftekhar Tanveer
  • Emy Lin
  • Mohammed (Ehsan) Hoque
Managing Smartphone Interruptions through Adaptive Modes and Modulation of Notifications
  • Hugo Lopez-Tovar
  • Andreas Charalambous
  • John Dowell
IntentStreams: Smart Parallel Search Streams for Branching Exploratory Search
  • Salvatore Andolina
  • Khalil Klouche
  • Jaakko Peltonen
  • Mohammad Hoque
  • Tuukka Ruotsalo
  • Diogo Cabral
  • Arto Klami
  • Dorota Głowacka
  • Patrik Floréen
  • Giulio Jacucci
Building Image Sentiment Dataset with an Online Rating Game
  • Chanhee Yoon
  • KeumHee Kang
  • Eun Yi Kim

SESSION: Visualization / Video / Augmented Reality

Augmenting the Driver's View with Peripheral Information on a Windshield Display
  • Renate Häuslschmid
  • Sven Osterwald
  • Marcus Lang
  • Andreas Butz
Attention Engagement and Cognitive State Analysis for Augmented Reality Text Display Functions
  • Takumi Toyama
  • Daniel Sonntag
  • Jason Orlosky
  • Kiyoshi Kiyokawa
Content-driven Multi-modal Techniques for Non-linear Video Navigation
  • Kuldeep Yadav
  • Kundan Shrivastava
  • S. Mohana Prasad
  • Harish Arsikere
  • Sonal Patil
  • Ranjeet Kumar
  • Om Deshmukh
Getting the Message?: A Study of Explanation Interfaces for Microblog Data Analysis
  • James Schaffer
  • Prasanna Giridhar
  • Debra Jones
  • Tobias Höllerer
  • Tarek Abdelzaher
  • John O'Donovan
Prediction of Users' Learning Curves for Adaptation while Using an Information Visualization
  • Sébastien Lallé
  • Dereck Toker
  • Cristina Conati
  • Giuseppe Carenini
Halo Content: Context-aware Viewspace Management for Non-invasive Augmented Reality
  • Jason Orlosky
  • Kiyoshi Kiyokawa
  • Takumi Toyama
  • Daniel Sonntag
Emotar: Communicating Feelings through Video Sharing
  • Tiffany C.K. Kwok
  • Michael Xuelin Huang
  • Wai Cheong Tam
  • Grace Ngai

SESSION: Affect / Health

Automatic Detection of Learning-Centered Affective States in the Wild
  • Nigel Bosch
  • Sidney D'Mello
  • Ryan Baker
  • Jaclyn Ocumpaugh
  • Valerie Shute
  • Matthew Ventura
  • Lubin Wang
  • Weinan Zhao
Exploring Peripheral Physiology as a Predictor of Perceived Relevance in Information Retrieval
  • Oswald Barral
  • Manuel J.A. Eugster
  • Tuukka Ruotsalo
  • Michiel M. Spapé
  • Ilkka Kosunen
  • Niklas Ravaja
  • Samuel Kaski
  • Giulio Jacucci
Light-Bulb Moment?: Towards Adaptive Presentation of Feedback based on Students' Affective State
  • Beate Grawemeyer
  • Wayne Holmes
  • Sergio Gutiérrez-Santos
  • Alice Hansen
  • Katharina Loibl
  • Manolis Mavrikis
BayesHeart: A Probabilistic Approach for Robust, Low-Latency Heart Rate Monitoring on Camera Phones
  • Xiangmin Fan
  • Jingtao Wang
Mixed-Initiative Real-Time Topic Modeling & Visualization for Crisis Counseling
  • Karthik Dinakar
  • Jackie Chen
  • Henry Lieberman
  • Rosalind Picard
  • Robert Filbin
Inferring Meal Eating Activities in Real World Settings from Ambient Sounds: A Feasibility Study
  • Edison Thomaz
  • Cheng Zhang
  • Irfan Essa
  • Gregory D. Abowd
Learning Therapy Strategies from Demonstration Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation
  • Hee-Tae Jung
  • Richard G. Freedman
  • Tammie Foster
  • Yu-Kyong Choe
  • Shlomo Zilberstein
  • Roderic A. Grupen


Speech-based Interaction: Myths, Challenges, and Opportunities
  • Cosmin Munteanu
  • Gerald Penn
Tutorial on Personalization for Behaviour Change
  • Judith Masthoff
  • Julita Vassileva
Modelling User Affect and Sentiment in Intelligent User Interfaces: A Tutorial Overview
  • Björn W. Schuller


PATCH 2015: Personalized Access to Cultural Heritage
  • Liliana Ardissono
  • Cristina Gena
  • Lora Aroyo
  • Tsvika Kuflik
  • Alan J. Wecker
  • Johan Oomen
  • Oliviero Stock
IDGEI 2015: 3rd International Workshop on Intelligent Digital Games for Empowerment and Inclusion
  • Lucas Paletta
  • Björn Schuller
  • Peter Robinson
  • Nicolas Sabouret
SmartObjects: Fourth Workshop on Interacting with Smart Objects
  • Dirk Schnelle-Walka
  • Max Mühlhäuser
  • Stefan Radomski
  • Oliver Brdiczka
  • Jochen Huber
  • Kris Luyten
  • Tobias Grosse-Puppendahl
IUI-TextVis 2015: Fourth Workshop on Interactive Visual Text Analytics
  • Jaegul Choo
  • Christopher Collins
  • Wenwen Dou
  • Alex Endert