IUI Steering Committee Election Results

The elections for the IUI Steering Committee have been finished in good order, and the elected officers will be:

  • Michelle Zhou, Chair;
  • Antonio Krüger, Chair-Elect.

The results of this election mark the end of the transition process towards a new IUI governance structure.

As stated in the IUI governance document at http://bit.ly/iuigov the new officers will invite the members of the previous IUI Steering Committee to join the new SC as non-voting members.

We congratulate Michelle and Antonio, and wish the IUI community good luck with the continuation of the successful Conference series and other activities to serve this interdisciplinary Research Community.

Yolanda Gill - Chair, ACM SIGART
Gerrit van der Veer - President, ACM SIGCHI

Below is a statement by the two new Officers:

We would like to thank you all, the members of our IUI community, for your support and trust! We are looking forward to working with every one of you to fulfill our new roles. In this context, we will start with the implementation of the ideas and goals described in the IUI governance document that has been the result of a large community discussion during the last 12 months. Immediately, we will work with the community to:

(1) Form the new IUI Steering Committee (SC) including determining the voting members of the steering committee from the previous conferences (2012, 2013) and inviting the members of the current IUI SC to join the new SC as non-voting members;

(2) Agree on the bid for the 2015 conference to be announced at IUI 2014 in Haifa;

(3) Start drafting the "conference handbook" that documents the processes and procedures to be used in carrying out future IUI conferences.

During this process, we will also work with the current steering committee to ensure a smooth transition and plan our first town hall meeting at IUI 2014. We will continue using the online IUI community forum to engage with you to ensure a broad participation and operational transparency. Moreover, we welcome your constructive suggestions and comments so we can work together to make IUI a greater and bigger community!

Michelle Zhou, Antonio Krüger