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SIGART Election Nominations

Dear SIGART Members,

It is time to prepare for the upcoming ACM SIGART elections. The officers elected will serve a three year term starting July 1, 2013. As chair of the nominating committee, I am seeking nominations from the SIGART members for candidates for chair, vice-chair, and treasurer/secretary of SIGART.

Please nominate yourself or others by completing the information below and sending it to me by == Monday November 19, 2012 == (please note that you can nominate as many people as you like).

Nomination for SIGART Officer
City / State or Province / Country:

Additional Information or Recommendation:
All candidates must be members of SIGART and Professional Members of ACM. ACM Headquarters will subsequently contact the candidates put forward by the nominating committee to obtain biographical information and a platform statement.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Maria Gini
Nominating Committee Chair

Maria Gini, CSE Distinguished Professor and Associate Head
Computer Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota
4-192 Keller Hall, 200 Union St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455
phone 612-625-5582 fax 612-625-0572