AIJ Access

The announcement below from the editors of the Artificial Intelligence Journal is included here for the benefit of SIGAI members.

To maximise the readership of the AI Journal, through an arrangement with Elsevier, Associates of IJCAI may obtain personal electronic access to the online contents of this international publication. This arrangement is intended for members of the international scientific AI community who do not otherwise have access to the AI Journal.

To become an Associate of IJCAI at no cost, visit or sign up directly at A nontransferable link will be provided to you via e-mail once you have successfully registered on this site. This customized link will enable you to activate your free personal e-subscription to the journal Artificial Intelligence at Elsevier's Science Direct web site.

Potential authors should note that these new arrangements mean that any article now submitted to the AI journal, once accepted, will always be available to anyone free of charge through these arrangements if they do not already have access to the journal.

Ray Perrault and Tony Cohn, Editors in Chief of AIJ