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VOLUME 4, ISSUE 1, 2018 (full issue)

Welcome to AI Matters, Volume 4, Issue 1
Welcome to our latest issue of AI Matters and our ad for a new co-editor in chief.
By Amy McGovern, Co-Editor & Eric Eaton, Co-Editor

Event Report
AAAI/ACM SIGAI Job Fair 2018: A Retrospective
An overview of a successful 2018 AAAI/ACM SIGAI Job Fair.
By John P Dickerson & Nicholas Mattei

Event Report
1st AAAI/ACM Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and Society: A Retrospective
In-depth overview of the first AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society with links to papers and talks.
By Benjamin Kuipers & Nicholas Mattei

Hot Topics
Artificial Intelligence in 2027
A summary of different perspectives on what AI might be like in 2027, coming from four panelists who spoke about this topic at IJCAI 2017.
By Maria Gini, Noa Agmon, Fausto Giunchiglia, Sven Koenig & Kevin Leyton-Brown

AI Education
AI Education Matters: Teaching Hidden Markov Models
Need some help teaching Hidden Markov Models? Todd Neller has a list of great resources for you!
By Todd W. Neller

AI News
Obituary: Jon Oberlander
An Obituary for Professor Jon Oberlander, from the University of Edinburgh.
By Aaron Quigley

AI News
AI Policy
AI Policy updates including the AIES conference and discussion of educational policy for AI with regards to our future workforce.
By Larry Medsker

Creating the Human Standard for Ethical Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS)
John Havens describes the work at IEEE to create a standard for ethical AI systems.
By John C. Havens

AI Amusements: Computer Elected Governor of California
Our humor contribution for this issue includes a fun article about a computer being elected governor of California.
By Michael Genesereth