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VOLUME 4, ISSUE 2, 2018 (full issue)

Welcome to AI Matters 4(2)
Welcome to Volume 4 Issue 2 of AI Matters.
By Amy McGovern, Editor

AI Education
AI Education Matters: Lessons from a Kaggle Click-Through Rate Prediction Competition
Learning what to teach in ML/AI by analyzing Kaggle Click-Through Rate contest winners.
By Todd W. Neller

Event Report
Upcoming AI events.
By Michael Rovatsos

Event Report
Conference Reports
Summary of recent AI events.
By Michael Rovatsos

Event Report
IEEE Big Data 2017 Panel Discussion on Bias and Transparency
Summary of fairness and bias in algorithms in a recent IEEE Big Data panel discussion.
By Abhinav Maurya

AI Policy
AI Policy Matters
AI Policy Matters including ACM’s data collection policies.
By Larry Medsker

The New Robber Barons: The Optimistic Objectivists Overturning the Old Order
Are the algorithms becoming the new robber barons?
By Toby Walsh

The Challenges of Outreaching
Challenges of outreach and surveys for SIGAI.
By Jinhong K. Guo, ACM SIGAI membership and outreach officer & Rosemary Paradis, ACM SIGAI Secretary/Treasurer.

Paper Précis
Is There an AI Cosmology?
Can we create an AI Cosmology?
By Cameron Hughes & Tracey Hughes

Paper Précis
Non-intervention policy for autonomous cars in a trolley dilemma scenario
Ethics of autonomous cars.
By Bianca Helena Ximenes

Ph.D. Dissertation Briefing
Filtering and Planning for Resource-Constrained Mobile Robots
Dissertation summary for planning with resource constrained mobile robots.
By Tauhidul Alam