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VOLUME 5, ISSUE 3, 2019 (full issue)

Welcome to AI Matters 5(3)
Welcome and Summary
By Amy McGovern, co-editor & Iolanda Leite, co-editor

AI News
ACM SIGAI Activity Report
Annual Report for ACM SIGAI.
By Sven Koenig, Sanmay Das, Rosemary Paradis, John Dickerson, Yolanda Gil, Katherine Guo, Benjamin Kuipers, Iolanda Leite, Hang Ma, Nicholas Mattei, Amy McGovern, Larry Medsker, Todd Neller, Marion Neumann, Plamen Petrov, Michael Rovatsos & David G. Stork

AI News
Help Communities Solve Real-World Problems with AI - Become a Technovation Mentor!
Mentors needed to help families, schools and communities to learn, play and create with AI
Tara Chklovski

Event Reports
Upcoming AI events
By Michael Rovatsos

AI Education
AI Education Matters: Building a Fake News Detector
Building a Fake News Detector
By Michael Guerzhoy, Lisa Zhang & Georgy Noarov

AI Education
AI Education Matters: A First Introduction to Modeling and Learning Using the Data Science Workflow
Modeling and Learning using the Data Science Workflow
By Marion Neumann

AI Policy
AI Policy Matters
Policy issues relevant to SIGAI
By Larry Medsker

Paper Précis
Advancing Non-Convex and Constrained Learning: Challenges and Opportunities
Latest research trends in AI
By Tianbao Yang

Paper Précis
Considerations for AI Fairness for People with Disabilities
Contributed article
By Shari Trewin, Sara Basson, Michael Muller, Stacy Branham, Jutta Treviranus, Daniel Gruen, Daniel Hebert, Natalia Lyckowski & Erich Manser

Paper Précis
The Intersection of Ethics and AI
Winning essay from the 2018 ACM SIGAI Student Essay Contest
By Annie Zhou

Paper Précis
Artificial Intelligence: The Societal Responsibility to Inform, Educate and Regulate
Winning essay from the 2018 ACM SIGAI Student Essay Contest
By Alexander D. Hilton

Paper Précis
The Necessary Roadloack to Artificial General Intelligence: Corrigibility
Winning essay from the 2018 ACM SIGAI Student Essay Contest
By Yat Long Lo, Chung Yu Woo & Ka Lok Ng

AI generated Crosswords
By Adi Botea