VOLUME 6, ISSUE 2, 2020 (full issue)

Welcome to AI Matters 6(2)
Welcome and Summary
By Iolanda Leite, co-editor, & Anuj Karpatne, co-editor

AI News
ACM SIGAI Activity Report
Annual Report for ACM SIGAI.
By Sanmay Das, Nicholas Mattei, John P. Dickerson, Sven Koenig, Louis Dennis, Larry Medsker, Todd Neller, Iolanda Leite & Anuj Karpatne

SIGAI Events
By Louise A. Dennis

Event Reports
Conference Reports
By Louise A. Dennis

AI Education
AI Education Matters: EAAI Mentored Undergraduate Research Challenges
Past, Present and Future
By Todd W. Neller

AI News
AI Policy Matters
Policy issues relevant to SIGAI
By Larry Medsker

AI Fun Matters
AI generated Crosswords
By Adi Botea