VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1, WINTER 2017 (full issue)

Welcome to AI Matters, Vol. 3(1)
A welcome from the Editors of AI Matters and a summary of highlights in this issue.
By Eric Eaton & Amy McGovern

Hot Topics
AI Buzzwords Explained: Scientific Workflows
In this new column, a guest expert will discuss a hot AI topic. This issue’s topic is “scientific workflows.”
By Daniel Garijo

AI News
AI Policy: Organizations, Resources, and Recent Symposia
This new column discusses AI policy issues, accompanying the AI Matters blog posts on this topic.
By Larry Medsker

AI Education
AI Education: Open-Access Educational Resources on AI
This issue’s AI Education column focuses on resources for learning about and teaching AI.
By Todd W. Neller

AI Profiles: An Interview with Jim Kurose
This issue’s AI spotlight is on Jim Kurose from the National Science Foundation.
By Amy McGovern & Eric Eaton

Ph.D. Dissertation Briefing
Learning Peripersonal Space Representation in a Humanoid Robot with Artificial Skin
Dissertation abstract.
By Alessandro Roncone

Ph.D. Dissertation Briefing
Multimodal Concepts for Social Robots
Dissertation abstract.
By Olivier Mangin

Ph.D. Dissertation Briefing
Learning the State of the World: Object-based World Modeling for Mobile Manipulation Robots
Dissertation abstract.
By Lawson L.S. Wong

Ph.D. Dissertation Briefing
Evolutionary Online Learning in Multirobot Systems
Dissertation abstract.
By Fernando Silva, Luis Correia, & Anders Lyhne Christensen

Ph.D. Dissertation Briefing
Interactions Between Learning and Decision Making
Dissertation abstract.
By Theja Tulabandhula