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VOLUME 4, ISSUE 3, 2018 (full issue)

Welcome to AI Matters 4(3)
Welcome and summary.
By Amy McGovern, Editor

AI News
2018 ACM SIGAI Student Essay Contest on Artificial Intelligence Technologies
SIGAI Student essay contest.
By Nicholas Mattei

AI News
ACM SIGAI Activity Report
Annual report for ACM SIGAI.
By Sven Koenig, Sanmay Das, Rosemary Paradis, John Dickerson, Yolanda Gil, Katherine Guo, Benjamin Kuipers, Hang Ma, Nicholas Mattei, Amy McGovern, Larry Medsker, Todd Neller, Plamen Petrov, Michael Rovatsos & David G. Stork

Event Report
Upcoming AI events.
By Michael Rovatsos

AI Education
AI Education Matters: Teaching with Deep Learning Frameworks in Introductory Machine Learning Courses
Teaching deep learning.
By Michael Guerzhoy

AI Education
AI Education Matters: Teaching Search Algorithms
Teaching search.
By Nathan R. Sturtevant

AI Profiles: An Interview with Kristian Kersting
Interview with Kristian Kersting.
By Marion Neumann

AI Policy
AI Policy Matters
Updates on AI and automation.
By Larry Medsker

Paper Précis
The Partnership on AI
Partnership on AI to benefit people and society.
By Jeffrey Heer

Paper Précis
Mechanism Design for Social Good
Designing for social good.
By Rediet Abebe & Kira Goldner