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SIGAI Career Network and Conference

SIGAI CNC 2015 was held on January 26, co-located with AAAI in Austin, Texas.

We have information from many job seekers in the CNC database, and are in the process of adding employers.

The CNC program committee is proud to announce a phenomenal selection of talks and posters:

Best abstract awards

Iolanda Leite - Instituto Superior Tecnico, Yale(Winner, best abstract) Social Mechanisms to Support Long-term Interactions between Users and Robots
Annie Louis - U. Penn, University of Edinburgh(Runner up, best abstract) Document-level NLP Support for Improving Information Access
Jens Witkowski - University of Freiburg, U. Penn(Runner up, best abstract) Robust Information Elicitation Mechanisms

Other Presentations

Henny Admoni - YaleNonverbal Communication for Human-Robot Interaction
Elias Bareinboim - UCLAGeneralizability in Causal Inference: Theory and Algorithm
Sofia Ceppi - Politecnico di Milano, MSR CambridgeIncentives for Large Scale Markets
Xi Alice Gao - Harvard, UBCUnderstanding Incentives in Social Computing
Matteo Leonetti - Sapienza University of Rome, UT AustinAdaptive Decision Making for Autonomous Robots
Reshef Meir - Hebrew U, HarvardIncentives and Rationality in Information Aggregation
Daniel Urieli - UT AustinLearning Agents for Sustainable Energy


Vaishak Belle - Aachen, University of TorontoPushing the Frontiers of High-level Robotic Control
Christopher Dancy - Penn State, USAISEC-NCREDA Hybrid Cognitive System with a Physiological Substrate
Rafael Frongillo - Berkeley, HarvardMachine Learning and Microeconomics
Boqing Gong - USCUnsupervised Domain Adaptation with Kernel Methods
Chien-Ju Ho - UCLADesign and Analysis of Social Computation Mechanisms
Hadi Hosseini - University of WaterlooOne-sided Matching with Dynamic Preferences
Darrell Hoy - NorthwesternComputing Among Strategic Agents
Elizabeth Jensen - University of MinnesotaRobot Team Exploration and Dispersion
Anup Kalia - NC StateGüven: Estimating Trust from Agents' Interactions
Marios Kokkodis - NYU SternOnline Labor Markets: Hiring Decisions, Reputation Transferability and Career Development Paths
Omer Lev - Hebrew UniversityModeling Human Interactions: Facets of Algorithmic Game Theory and Computational Social Choice
Alberto Quattrini Li - Politecnico di Milano, University of MinnesotaStudy, Design, and Evaluation of Exploration Strategies for Autonomous Mobile Robots
Shiwali Mohan - University of MichiganDesigning Intelligent Interactive Agents
Lilia Moshkina - Georgia Tech, Freelance ResearcherMaking Robots User-Friendly: A Social Perspective
Balakrishnan Narayanaswamy - CMU, UCSDVariability aware energy management
Reza Nourjou - Kyoto UniversityGIS-based Intelligent Software Agents for Action Planning & Scheduling under Human Intuition in Multiagent Systems
Alessandro Panella - UICLearning and Planning in Multiagent POMDPs Using Finite-State Models of Other Agents
Jason Sleight - University of MichiganAgent Aware Organizational Design
Aaron St. Clair - USCPlanning Verbal Feedback in Human-Robot Task Collaborations
Lawson L.S. Wong - MITLearning the State of the World: Object-based State Estimation for Mobile-Manipulation Robots
Shiqi Zhang - Texas Tech, UT AustinPlanning under Uncertainty using Commonsense for Robots

We have selected the candidates listed above from an exceptional pool of submissions by early-career researchers. CNC will showcase their high-quality research, and will include a wide range of opportunities for career development and mentoring. The aims of the conference are:

  • a forum for new PhDs to present their work to the community
  • a forum for people to hear about the greatest and latest work in AI
  • a mentoring forum for early-career researchers
The early-career researchers give short talks on their thesis work and sponsoring companies/universities/government agencies give short talks on their labs. Booth space, banner presence, and bag drop-ins are provided, and contact info is exchanged.

Sponsorship includes table space, logos on the website and materials, 2 slides and 3-4 minutes to discuss opportunities at your organization in a special session, plus registration for the CNC conference. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact:

  • Corporate: Jonathan May,
  • Governmental: Doug Lange,
  • Academic: Todd Neller,

Participation is not limited to sponsors and early-career researchers. We encourage participation from anyone interested in AI research: to hear about some of the most exciting recent research, and to network with up-and-coming researchers and members of research organizations.

January 26, 2015 in Austin, Texas
(Radisson Hotel & Suites Austin Downtown)

Co-located with AAAI
Early registration deadline: January 12, 2015