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Attending AAMAS 2017, in San Paulo, was an amazing experience for me, and the SIGAI/IFAAMAS travel grant was fundamental towards my attendance. The conference was an excellent opportunity for discussing my ideas, for receiving feedback, for networking, and for expanding my knowledge. I presented three papers (main track + DC + ALA workshop) and received valuable feedback on my research, which will be very useful in my future works. I was able to get in touch with several other students and researchers, which helped me improve my communication skills and shall result in fruitful collaborations. The talks provided inspiring perspectives on my academic career (Prof. Gal Kaminka, at the DC), on traffic problems (Prof. Ana Bazzan), on active optimisation (Prof. Jeff Schneider), and so on, which play a role in my research. I also attended exciting presentations on the state-of-the-art on learning, game theory and applications, which comprise my main research topics. In short, I can say that AAMAS 2017 was the most productive conference I attended so far. Thank you SIGAI/IFAAMAS for supporting my travel!

Other experiences from students funded by SIGAI travel grants.