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This was my second time in IUI with one paper presentation, but the first time serving as a student volunteer here. In general, I found several very interesting research papers and my paper received interesting comments both during my presentation and afterward. My paper was about recognized drivers based on their driving behaviors. Interestingly, I met with a researcher from Toyota research center in silicon valley and we discussed my paper extensively during one of the social events. That was a very interesting discussion. Besides receiving constructive feedbacks on my research, I also met a group of peer Ph.D. students in this conference, especially those also worked as student volunteers. These fellow students will be the ones that I will meet frequently in the future.

I really appreciate the generosity from the conference and SIGAI to support my travel to IUI. Otherwise, I would have lost the great opportunities to meet such an interesting group of researchers.

Other experiences from students funded by SIGAI travel grants.